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The #1 question you want answered

“How much can I really save every month by switching my home to solar?”

GET READY: Not only will we answer that, we’ll also show you what your home will look like with a solar system installed. On top of that we’re giving the next few people who get a free solar quote a $25 Amazon Gift Card. All for simply INQUIRING about switching to solar.

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Here Is Why Going Solar TODAY Is The Smartest Move You Can Make… 

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To ensure you have the BEST quote possible I’ll collect and upload your latest energy bill to your local solar provider and personally connect you with them at your convenience.

Following a quick 10-minute call with the solar professional you’ll know if solar is the perfect fit for you.

They’ll ask a few easy questions about your energy use and possibly look at your roof with satellite imagery to determine what your home would look like with your new solar system installed… ALL NO COST.

We will use the email you submit for your solar proposal to send you the $25 Amazon gift card within three (3) days of you qualifying for solar! 


Where else can you get paid $25 simply for inquiring about how much money you can save… every month… forever.

In-case you’re wondering what we get out of this…

We’re happy knowing that we play a pivotal role in moving our planet one step closer to producing clean, green renewable solar energy worldwide.Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

That helps to build both our personal business and our personal goal of installing solar on 2 million homes by 2025.

So far we’re helped sequester over 7 million pounds of CO2 from entering our atmosphere by switching people to solar. And that’s a very good thing!

With you making the decision to go solar that’s one more home closer to our goal, another family saving money every month, helping the world move towards sustainable renewable energy, and helping make the planet a better place for all of us.

Imagine… simply paying a lower monthly energy bill for clean energy you produce yourself… forever. It’s a no-brainer!

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