Imagine: A Solar Powered Planet

Think its a fairy tale? Something too space-age and high tech to actually happen within your lifetime?

Think again…

In the next 15-20 years that might just become more of a reality than you could ever imagine today.

Solar energy is probably one of the worlds more seriously underrated resource. But more and more people are beginning to see the light. 
In fact, we’re already creating a shift in the US $6,000,000,000,000 ($6 Trillion) annual energy budget and sharing the benefits globally with people like you and me.
FACT: More power from the sun hits the Earth in a single hour than all of humanity uses across the globe in an entire year!
However, solar only provided 0.39% of the energy used in the US last year. That’s it!
Visionaries like Elon Musk (of Tesla, SolarCity, PayPal, SpaceX) think that solar will become the biggest energy source by 2031. (according to an interview with Tim Urban on Wait But Why.) 
Wait… I know what you’re thinking… what would a world powered by solar look like right? You probably  envision every roof top across North America covered in panels. Perhaps you imagine schools, malls, office buildings blanketed in shiny reflective panels? 

A Planet Powered By Solar  

Right now solar panels are 20% efficient (22% with SolarCity’s new panels) at turning the suns rays into usable energy. If that percentage remained the same  we’d still only need to cover a land mass with an area roughly the size of Spain to power the entire planet. That’s to power the entire planet with clean energy provided by the sun! 
Look at the yellow blocks below. That’s how much total square area would need to be solar in order to power the planet.
Area required to Powur the Planet with Solar
Of course these panels would be spread out over a wide area and not all clumped together like the photo.
Imagine, if only 7% of the rooftops in your city had solar panels it could power the entire city… for free… forever.
This is how we’ll power the planet in the future and finally be rid of the dirty fossil fuel industry forever.
If we were to combine all the panels required to power the planet it would look like this…
All solar panels combined to power the planet

This is ONLY if we relied on solar power. Imagine no more dirty power provided by the centralized energy industry. How can YOU play a roll in speading up the process and saving money at the same time? Read on…

Putting $6 Trillion Back Into Your Hands

Today, were creating a global shift in the $6,000,000,000,000 ($6 Trillion USD) annual energy budget and we’re putting that money and power back into the hands of the people where it belongs. Want to see how we’re doing it? Click play to head directly to my personal Powur page and watch this…
To learn more watch this and then see why millions of people are making the shift towards solar power for thier home.
Oh… did I mention there is absolutely ZERO out of pocket cost to go solar!
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Your Turn

What do you think? Do think solar is just a fad… or here to stay? Do you believe we can “Power The Planet” with solar alone? Let us know and comment below.
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