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Continuing with our Top 12 Off Grid Christmas Gift Ideas list here’s #10

Microfiber Towel by Rainleaf

Microfiber Towel by Rainleaf

Perfect for the beach! This towel is light and folds up small, so it’s super easy to transport…it’s also huge, so I love it! I got the purple one, and when I washed it in mostly hot water, the water didn’t turn color. The towel does not have a chemical smell like another reviewer mentioned. However, that person bought the blue towel so maybe blue dye is different than purple?

I bought a blue towel *a different brand* on another site and it was terrible. The water still turns bright blue after multiple washes (luckily I knew to wash it separately). That blue one stank after multiple washes too.

After washing and drying this one the first time I was pleased to find that it had almost no smell so I was really disappointed that the smell came back as soon as it started absorbing water when I used it after a shower.

This towel is awesome in comparison and I’m thinking of buying more for gifts.

It’s soft, comfortable and looks great.

In high humidity environment, when all other items (like expensive Arc’teryx T-shirt) stayed completely wet throughout the night, this was not only not wet but completely dry.

We LOVE these towels! They are super soft, great size (body size towel), dry quickly and fold flat. We have ordered several over the past few months: keep some in the camping bin, one in the “emergency kit” and bought one for my daughter to take to camp. The bag it goes in is breathable and helps keep the towel clean when not in use or drying which, when camping, is a huge deal: no towels dropping in the dirt or accidentally used to clean up spilled food.

VERY absorbent! Highly recommend!

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