A Solar “POWUR” Revolution Has Begun!

The only company of its kind in the world, Powur is now considered the “UBER” of the solar world.

Here’s what Powur does…

We switch your existing home to run on clean green free solar power for absolutely nothing out of pocket.

Not a single dime comes out of your pocket! 
Solar Home with Solar Roof

The only thing that happens… is you pay less per month on your electric bill and you help clean the environment while we all help march the solar revolution forward. All thanks to Powur.

I have used Powur to help save people an average of $26,000 when they make the smart switch to solar.

Read below for all the details….

Save by Switching to Solar with Powur



You can immediately find out how much you’ll save with a quick and easy online FREE SOLAR QUOTE 

Best of all you can even join Powur with me (if you wish) and get paid for switching to solar and get further paid every month simply by helping others go solar too. Its a win-win scenario for everyone no matter what you do!

Welcome to Powur!

Right now… you’re about to see exactly how we’re building an incredible category creating company that is changing the future of solar forever. A company that has literately just turned the entire solar industry and the fossil fuel industry on it’s ear in its first few months!

We are a technology company that has created a disruptive platform that facilitates the crowd-sourcing of solar companies and homeowners.

You’re about to witness the world fastest growing viral solar energy platform that is backed by several billion dollar companies and some of the worlds most influential philanthropists.

Watch this short video and then decide if your ready to become one of the worlds next Solarpreneur with Powur!


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Are You Ready To Join Powur Now?

Imagine… hundreds of thousands of people making the switch to solar over the next 2-3 years and YOU holding the key to #1 platform for them to go solar!

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More Powur Info

The world is on the verge of a 3rd great Industrial Revolution.

Everyone knows it and You are about to access the monster profits we’re creating.

$6 Trillion Dollars is about to exchange hands and we’re sharing it with You!

We are the UBER of solar and the fastest growing solar sharing technology platform on the planet.

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Alright… so what the heck is this “POWUR” thing all about?

What you are about to witness, is already changing the face of history as well as the hearts and minds of millions.

It is truly remarkable and right now… you get a chance to be in on the ground floor as we grow! 

Click to Watch The Video

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For the past era, utilities have had a monopoly with fossil fuels. Together we are producing a new model powered by light.

POWUR: is reinventing the energy industry and it’s about to tackle one of the world’s biggest problems head on – climate change. Jonathan Budd the CEO of Powur is forming a company and group of people to help create a brand new power grid based on his mantra to “Disrupt and Decentralize“. The Official Powur Launch Event is October 17, 2015.

You are seeing this right here, right now, before the rest of the world.

RIGHT NOW you have the opportunity for MASSIVE lifestyle and financial gain with Powur.


The $6 Trillion Dollar/Year Industry!powur-pbc-overview


Powur, SolarCity, and You will help millions of homeowners and businesses produce clean, renewable, and efficient solar power; thus not only protecting themselves from the risks of rising electricity costs but also the environment and future generations from the pollution produced by traditional power sources. The industry grosses over $6,000,000,000,000,000 (six trillion).

Imagine YOU getting a slice of that $6 Trillion Dollar pie!

Right now you can by requesting to join us at Powur, upgrading your home to solar or best of all… you can do both.

To accomplish this mission Powur has partnered with the #1 Solar Company in America, Solar City.

This is an incredible opportunity for everyday people like you and I to create our own power and to finally and truly bring the Power to the People.



 Powur + Multiple Solar Providers = yond 

All our tip tier professional solar providers have impeccable client records, must go through a strict vetting process with Powur, and have always gone the extra mile for all our clients offering them the BEST solar solution for their home. Powur along with over 30 solar providers are leading the way for improving millions of lives on a global scale.

All Our Solar Partners: provide a single source for solar financing, engineering design, installation, monitoring, and maintenance.

Solar System 

  • Own your solar system from day one
  • Generate your own power
  • Receive SolarCity Premium Service with your purchase, including all maintenance, complete coverage, and warranty

Solar Lease

  • Monitoring, maintenance, insurance always included
  • Pay by the month for the system
  • Subject to qualification
  • 20-year agreement
  • Free installation

Simple: Control your electricity bill: no price tiers, no delivery charges, and no other gimmicks

Predictable: Lock in a competitive rate for 20 years

Worry Free: Get maintenance and insurance included for all 20 years

How About A Lease Agreement…

  • Free installation
  • Pay by the month
  • 20-year agreement
  • Pre-pay some or all for a bigger discount
  • Monitoring, maintenance, insurance always included
  • Savings from day one!

Or A Full System Purchase…

  • Own your solar systemPowur Go Solar Platform
  • Generate your own power
  • Increase your home value
  • Monitoring, maintenance, insurance always included for 30 years

What happens to all of that extra energy I don’t use during the day?

  • Net Energy Metering
  • Utility will give you credit at the “full retail value” to help offset future energy use
  • Most utilities have a yearly “true up” where customers total energy produced is compared to the energy used
  • Customer pays once a year for extra energy used OR
  • If solar system produces more than customer uses, customer is compensated at the wholesale rate by the utility
  • Customer’s should not size a system at more than their consumption as the utility only compensates at the wholesale rate!

The Key points to Remember…

  • Switch to better energy
  • Pay less for solar than you pay the utility
  • Lock-in low energy rates for 20+ years
  • Flexible financing options including zero down
  • Worry-free system with warranty and repair service
  • Protect yourself from rising utility rates

And YES… we are also launching in new states nearly every month! 



Ask yourself this question…

  • Do I want a ZERO DOWN Solar System for my home?
  • Do I want ZERO DOWN Solar System AND a business model that can generate an income simply from sharing this story with others?
  • Do I just want the business and I’ll get the ZERO DOWN Solar System down the road?

Your FIRST STEP is to simply click this link and join NOW. 


YES… it’s just that easy!

Once you join I’ll send you a personal e-mail welcoming you to the team and I’ll also give you access you our team’s private training and coaching website.

We’re known as The Better Ideas Team!

As well, I will add you to our secret Powur Facebook community. Our corporate staff that will guide and lead you on a journey of discovery and excitement as new phases of Powur are orlled out and new events are announced. 

I also have a BRAND NEW special website that was created to get you into profit in your FIRST 24 hrs!

HURRY… Claim Your Place In Powur Right NOW!

Remember Powur is currently accepting new members through this personal invitation process ONLY.

To get access and join simply click the link below.

Once you are in the system I’ll send you a personal email with the link to our private training site. You’ll learn how to quickly become a renewable energy advocate and begin connecting people with solar and building a lucrative business right from the palm of your hand!

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ONCE you click the “Get Started Today” button above, and join, I’ll get a notice and connect with you ASAP.

If you have ANY questions at all, please feel free to e-mail me anytime at [email protected]

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I’m so glad you’re here!

Steve Barnes

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