To all our 2.4 million off grid followers…

We started our off grid journey several years ago. Since then we have gone from a “just a cabin in the woods” to charging a Tesla Model Y and a crazy fat tire eBike with solar power, to ordering a second Tesla (the CyberTruck), to installing Starlink here at the cabin and now… we’ve gone and blown up the whole off grid community with Solar Farms Crypto!

The Off Grid Cabin Starlink eBike

We dabbled with some small projects here and there and then came along SOLAR FARMS!

We still can’t believe how its all played out and we’re beyond happy to finally share this with you today!

We believe this to be the most simple and highly lucrative crypto opportunity for anyone and everyone.

Let’s dive in and see how it all work and how we’re gaining 14.28% DAILY ROI COMPOUNDED!

Solar Farms BNB Miner Crypto

Launched on May 1st with a 15% Daily APR, or 5214% APR yearly!12.5% referrals! TVL has been growing 100+ BNB daily ever since! One of the ONLY miners currently increasing in users and trade volume daily!

  • KYC completed, audit in progress!

  • Project includes use cases for Solar Farm to be sustainable long term!

  • Use cases for solar farm include solar farm incubator, solar farm casino, and p2e crypto games!

  • Organic growth! 90% of members have joined based on word of mouth!

  • Active devs with 10+ announcements daily! Devs are also VERY open to community suggestion!

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Solar Farms QR Code

Solar Farms BNB Miner Crypto

Solar Farm is based around three assets. BNB, Solar Panels and Power (in Gigawatts). Deposit BNB in exchange for Panels. Your Panels will go to work earning Power. You will earn 14.29% of your Panels per day in the form of watts shown under “Manage Solar Farm”. Follow the 6:1 protocol to extend the life of the platform. That means compounding your earnings 6 days, followed by claiming the 7th day.

Compounding is the process in which your Power Generated is converted back into Panels to increase your daily income by generating even more Power.

Daily percentage is up to 14.20%. This depends on claiming habits, time of day you compound or deposit, TVL fluctuation. The contract is written to provide an optimal entry for any and all users, new or old.

This is the reason the Panels per BNB amount changes frequently with TVL fluctuation to provide an even playing field for any new user coming to Solar Farm and not giving the first user a head start.

Solar Token and Solar Casino

The Solar Farm Token serves as the native token of the SFM ecosystem. Our token is designed to support the miner through tax deposits into the TVL and additional marketing funds. This is where our comparison with other miner tokens stop.

Miner tokens need a use case to ensure its tokenomic sustainability and positive price action. To ensure this, the solar farm token will be a medium of exchange for our metaverse casino. Swap the solar farm token for casino chips and win some fantastic prizes! The token itself is also the native reward token for winners of our casino games.

By accepting both BNB and Solar Farm Token as casino entry deposits, we create a soft peg between the price of BNB and a quantity of Solar Farm Token. Whilst the exact pseudo peg mechanisms are still in the works, we can assure you that we will launch significantly below that price.


Maximum Supply: 1,000,000,000
Presale: 25%
Team Tokens: 10%
Casino Rewards : 50% (Multisig Locked)
Liquidity: 15%

Starting Market Cap: $108,272
Ticker: $SOLAR
Transaction Tax: 8% Total (3% Miner Deposit, 2% Treasury, 3% Marketing)

Achieving Sustainability

We plan to make SFM the go to miner ecosystem for many years. To ensure sustainability, we need to ensure that we give our token incredible use cases and have external income sources. Whilst we have discussed about the token use cases, let’s dive further into the treasury tax. 2% of all transaction fees on the Solar Farm token will go towards the SFM treasury. Our core team of mathematicians and strategists will deploy an array of delta neutral and risk weighted farming strategists as well as strategic investments to build up the treasury that will support our ecosystem. By doing this, we ensure that we’re not just recycling the money from our old buyers and our newer entrants, we’re actively building sustainability by driving in value from external protocols.

Solar Farms BNB Miner Crypto

How To Connect My Meta Mask Wallet?

MetaMask Wallet

The BEST crypto wallet to work with Solar Farms is the Meta Mask Wallet as it supports operations with DeFi. So, in the upper right corner of your Meta Mask Wallet, you will see a large “Connect” button, click on it, connect your Meta Mask Wallet, and … see the “Wrong network” pop-up window. Remember that Meta Mask uses the Ethereum network by default, so we need to navigate to the wallet settings. Go to the “Networks” section → “Add a network.” Now we will need to enter the BSC network data:

Network Name: Smart Chain


ChainID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

Click “Save” and go back to our Solar Farm!

Don’t forget to put our referral link into your solar farm 🙂


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