The New Tesla Powerwall Is Available Now

Be prepared the next time the power goes out with the Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Power wall with Model s Tesla

Energy Storage for a Sustainable Home

The Tesla Powerwall is a home battery that charges using electricity generated from solar panels, or when utility rates are low, and powers your home in the evening. Automated, compact and simple to install, the Powerwall enables you to maximize self-consumption of solar power generation, save money, and help play a role in the growth and adoption of green energy in your neighborhood.

The battery backup Tesla Powerwall is SolarCity’s solution to creating an energy efficient, sustainable home in any and every environment.
The Tesla Powerwall can protect your family and your home from the unpredictable outages and natural disasters.

Go Solar for NO Out of Pocket Costs EVER!

Making the switch and becoming a green energy producing solar powered home had never been easier or more affordable. In fact, there’s NO out of pocket expense at all!

All you’ll ever pay…  is a lower monthly energy bill, all while helping save the planet, reduce CO2 emissions and even get paid for doing it!

Energy is a $6 Trillion Dollar/Year industry that we’re decentralizing and disrupting. Putting that power and the money back into the hands of the poeple.

People like you!

We’re installing a complete home solar system, from the #1 solar provider in the world SolarCity, every 60 seconds and that rate is increasing every month.


A Clean and Simple Solution for Backup Power

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During the day, solar energy charges your battery while it powers your home.

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As day transitions to night, your battery backup system keeps things running smoothly, so if the grid goes down, the essential devices in your home will not.



Go Solar and Keep More of the Energy You Make

SolarCity Soalr Panels

Telsa PowerWall batery storage system

smart device Google Nest thermostat

daily monitoring

Energy Storage for a Sustainable Home

Watch the release of the Tesla Powerwall and you’ll be shocked to learn, when they pull back the curtains, what’s been powering the entire presentation!

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A Reliable Alternative to Other Backup Power Supply Solutions

Tesla Powerwall gas propane generator back up comparison chart


Let’s Build the Grid of the Future Together

We envision a cleaner, more resilient and more affordable grid that empowers individuals to enjoy and share the benefits of solar energy, day and night. When you sign up for a SolarCity system with battery backup, you are not only making a decision to secure your home’s energy needs today, but also investing in a future where every home can participate in generating clean, renewable power and contribute to the stability of the electricity grid.

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centralized grid utility services

Your energy comes from centralized – and often dirty – sources and your money goes directly to the utility.

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decentralized grid with the tesla powerwall

Clean energy is shared between you and your neighbors, and each home has the potential to earn money for what they produce.

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How You get Paid for Going Solar

Imagine… not only saving money every month on your energy bill but being highly rewarded for making the switch to solar and helping others simply discover solar energy.

We NEVER sell anything EVER! We simply offer people a solution to an existing problem.

We’ve combined a social business model with a $3 Million Dollar category changing technological platform to create an unprecedented opportunity to participate in the solar revolution that is just beginning.

The accelerating shift from fossil fuels to clean energy is creating the largest transfer of wealth in history – and the opportunity of a lifetime awaits you.

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