The Off Grid Cabin Oct 2017

Welcome To The Off Grid Cabin

Since 2014, we’ve become an on-line hub of information and inspiration to thousands of people like you eager to learn more about the off grid lifestyle.

We walk through every step of designing and building our solar powered off grid cabin.

From purchasing the land and breaking ground… to the building tools that actually saved us time and money… to researching and installing our solar system, the water-less toilet, on-demand hot water and even our off grid wireless internet.

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We’ll explain why we bought the land we did, how we designed our cabin according to specific off grid needs as well as a complete cost breakdown of all the building materials, the tools we used and the many systems that make our off grid life even better than on the grid (free power, free water, and no bills).

And full disclosure, while we’re no building professionals we certainly do know a thing or two about designing, planning and building. More about that on our About Us Page. It took my father and I just fourteen days to frame in and close up the cabin.

Why Live Off Grid?

There are a hundreds reasons someone might want to live off the grid.

You’ll discover many of them right here and some you’ve probably never thought of yourself.

For us it’s not only a means of escaping the hustle and bustle of city life but also a way to save quite a bit of money. Out here we no longer have utility bills. We also don’t have a large home to heat, a mortgage to pay or massive property taxes.

Whatever brings you to The Off Grid Cabin we’re just glad you’re here.

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