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Dream of Living Off Grid?

Off grid living has recently exploded!

Over the past few years and a new generation are building/owning their own off grid homes. These homes are often built more robust and sustainable than their commercially built home, apartment or condo.

The perks to living off grid are countless as you’ll soon discover.

The liberation of letting go of something you held so dear far surpasses the feeling of loss. ~ Debbie Cameron

Debbie and Mike Cameron pose with their five-year-old golden retriever, Ben, in front of their off-grid home near Pugwash, Nova Scotia.

Debbie and Mike Cameron pose with their five-year-old golden retriever, Ben, in front of their off-grid home near Pugwash, Nova Scotia.

Why Live Off Grid?

Living off grid is a dream shared by millions of people around the globe. It’s about putting option and choices back in the hands of people.

  • Some people wish to downsize.
  • Some go off grid for financial reasons.
  • Some people want to live a life of freedom, opportunity and privacy.
  • Some only live off grid part time for a weekend or summer getaway and still get all the benefits it can afford.

Whatever the reason, it’s all about having choices.

People want to choose how they live.

With off grid home, cabin, tiny house, cottage you endless choices of how you want to live.

Living off the grid is not just about escaping city life.

Remember, living off grid is about CHOICE.

Living life on YOUR terms.

Why You’re Here

You’re here for inspiration, direction, information and probably answers to a hundred unanswered questions.

We’ve got you covered!

You’ll find answers to common questions like… 

  • Where do I even start with designing or building an off grid home?
  • Wait, how do I find land to build on and what kind of land do I need?
  • How much does it cost to live off grid?
  • What about hot water?
  • Can I still have a shower?
  • Do I have to have an outhouse?
  • What about a fridge?
  • What about TV, internet, a phone?

Here at The Off Grid Cabin we’re about inspiring, teaching and supporting people from all over the world. We’re here to answer these questions in our blog and in our free newsletter. If you haven’t yet subscribed then…

Whether it’s to learn more about the off grid lifestyle or the how to’s of building a home from scratch we’re here to help as best we can with the experience we have. We also share some truly amazing and practical content from fellow off grid bloggers and homesteaders we’ve come to know and appreciate.

My Journey: From Military Pilot to Full Time Off Grid Blogger

My name is Steve Barnes and I started blogging in 2012 shortly after I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I was a military helicopter pilot and just returned home from a nine and a half month deployment when I got the news. If you want the details feel free to read my comeback story here.

While stuck at home researching ways to make an income from home I came across a man with a blog who also wrote about his battles with losing his professional baseball career due to a shoulder injury. He found his way and ultimately inspired tens of thousands of people along the way. I was one of them. We eventually became friends and I learned a very valuable lesson from him that changed how i looked at life. He convinced me to find a new voice with blogging (this website) and so I did.

I poured over every YouTube video and googled every webpage that taught “blogging how to”. I put as much effort into building my website and delivering the best material that I could as I did in getting my military wings. In loosing what I thought was my purpose in life I found a new voice on-line. I discovered a way to use a website to amplify my voice and grow a community around some great ideas.

I enjoyed what I was doing and so did some other people.

A lot of other people in fact.

My very first blog was a personal one. I talked about my battles with cancer, how that had fight cost me my dream job but also about how I overcame it. I began a YouTube channel and taught people everything I knew about building a brand online and blogging. I got noticed by some big names in the on-line world and was even flown to other countries as a guest speaker for some high ticket blogging events.

That first single blog of mine grew in readership over the span of its first year to several thousand readers. and at this point I was speaking in front of some 7 and 8 figure professionals and entrepreneurs. That gave me the confidence I needed to keep moving forward.

The Off Grid Cabin Was Born

Today I am happily retired from the Air force at 43 years old and blogging full time from our off grid cabin here in the beautiful backwoods of Nova Scotia Canada.

I decided to start The Off Grid Cabin website so that I could share my families journey of designing and building our off grid cabin with anyone else who was  interested in the off grid lifestyle. To be honest, I tried to find all the information I could on designing and building a cabin on-line and what was out there was shockingly bad. Not that I’m an expert mind you. however, I have ten years experience as a naval weapons technician where I attended the CF Naval Engineering school for electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics and mechanical systems. My father built houses in the arctic and has been a craftsman his whole life.

While it may seem that a blog about living off grid wouldn’t be all that interesting – within months of launching The Off Grid Cabin website our readership quickly grew.

Today our readership is over 130,000.

I decided to “monetize” our blog with those ads you see in the hopes of offsetting the monthly expenses of updating and maintaining it. We just paid $5K for webhosting for the next 3 years (ouch)! There goes that new table saw I wanted 🙁

The income from was pretty small at first – just a few dollars a week – but its slowly began picking up and the website is almost paying for itself. Some other off grid bloggers mentioned to us that they had their readers simply shop on Amazon through their link and so we decided to try that out as well. Learn more about how to support us here.

Today The Off Grid Cabin has become so much more than just a blog.

Our Latest Blog Post Section has several “How To” articles and inspirational stories of fellow off-gridders and homesteaders. You’ll also find the Building The Cabin section quite the hot spot.

Feel free to browse around and do please leave us a comment on any of our blog posts. We’d also LOVE IT if you would share anything that you find interesting or helpful.

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It’ll take you back through our cabin build, share with you our most viral Facebook posts and is filled with all our latest tips & tricks, videos episodes and other news from the off grid community.

It’s completely free and we promise to keep your details private.

I trust that you’ll find us to be a useful resource in your off grid adventures.

Please feel free to join in on the many conversations happening around the site in our comments section and drop me a note any time on our social media pages – I’m particularly active on Facebook and look forward to connecting.

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