The Off Grid Cabin Complete Materials and Cost List

The Materials We Used For The Build

Below you can download our PDF file that contains a complete break down of the materials used to build our 20′ by 24′ solar powered off grid cabin.

We’ve included every component, qty, cost and of course the overall total. We’ve made sure to include the lumber lengths, windows and door sizes, as well as the cost of the steel roof, the complete vinyl siding required, and all the miscellaneous hardware we used to complete the job (screws, nails, glue, tyvek, staples, joist hangers, hurricane ties… etc)

We’ve also created a post covering ALL the tools and equipment used to build our cabin right here.

You name it, we’ve cover it all! 

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Below we’ve also included standard images of each page for those of you that just want to quickly browse through without downloading anything.

We’ve also put together A Beginners Guide To Off-Grid Solar Systems as well as a post on Mastering Off Grid Living.


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There you have it. A complete breakdown of all the building materials for our off grid home.


Let us know in the comment section at the bottom if you want more cost break downs of our off grid living experience.

Don’t forget we’ve included a breakdown of the tools and equipment used to build our cabin here.

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