We’re often asked which tools we’ve personally used and recommend when building an off grid home.

We’ve crafted for you a most detailed tools list and broken it all down into six sections.

  1. Hand tools
  2. Power tools
  3. Safety tools
  4. Emergency tools
  5. Landscaping tools
  6. High End tools (including all our solar system components)

All of which we think are suitable to have at any homestead, cabin, cottage, summer home or chalet.

We also personally curated specific off grid resources, tools and equipment at our Off Grid Amazon Storefront for you.

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We hope you find this list helpful and please comment below and let us know what other tools and/or equipment you’d personally recommend having off the grid and we’ll be sure to add it to the list.

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Hands up if you know who Richard Proenneke is.

Richard Proenneke

Richard is an off grid icon for some and a homesteading hero to others.

But one thing you can’t deny is that he did some amazing things with a minimal collection of hand tools. Some of which he built himself!

The Tools Of Richard Proenneke

If you live on a homestead, have an off grid home, live in a remote area or just love DIY projects then this tools list is definitely for you.

Some of the items you’ve probably used yourself at one point or another and some you’ve maybe never heard of.

Enjoy our list of must have off grid tools!

Oh… and we’ve covered  all our solar system components in the last section at the bottom.

Make sure to scroll through to the bottom to see it!

Section #1 - Hand Tools

Multi-Purpose Axe – An good axe had several purposes. We consider it a multipurpose tool and not just for chopping wood. We have also used our axe for driving stakes, to chisel through ice, dressing animals, and clearing our land when we first purchased it.

Husqvarna 26 inch Wooden Multi-Purpose Axe

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Multi-tool – Every homestead kitchen drawer needs a few tools at the ready and a good multi-tool is definitely one of them. This handy pocket tool can do the job of several tools. Pliers, wire-cutter, can & bottle opener, knife, saw blade, screwdriver tips…etc.

Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier Multi-Tool

Adjustable wrench – While a good socket set is a must, it’s also advisable to have a medium sized adjustable wrench (monkey wrench, adjustable crescent, adjustable spanner) for working on a multitude of nuts and bolts. This can save you when you don’t have two sockets the same size.

Stanley Adjustable Wrench

General Purpose Claw Hammer – In the city you have a house key. Off the grid you get a hammer. This is the number one build it up and tear it down tool.

Estwing Hammer - 16 oz Straight Rip Claw with Smooth Face and Shock Reduction Grip

4 Foot Level – Whether you’re building your home, a shed, leveling pictures or installing kitchen cabinets the level is your very best friend. We did a full post on building the perfect foundation. Our number one secret to having a perfect foundation is making certain its square and level.