Is That… A Solar Sunflower?

Oh wait… it gets way better!

We all know that when James Cameron does something… he does it BIG!

You’ve heard of the Titanic right? James set records for life with his Hollywood box-office breaking Solar-Sunflower-Home smallerfilm of the fated first voyage of the world’s largest ship.

Besides Titanic he’s also responsible for Avatar, Spider-Man, Terminator, Aliens and he plays an active role in promoting vegan-ism and environmental awareness. He’s even reached the bottom of the Mariana Trench!

But did you know he is a huge advocate of solar power. Just like us 😉

He originally helped develop a retractable solar panels with FEMA that were used during emergency situation when the power grid failed (it often does).

Now, he’s turned how love of solar into creating beautiful Solar Sunflowers.
It’s both an artistic twist and a functional one as well.

Total Sun Flower output can reach 260 kilowatt hours per day, or enough to satisfy 75% – 90% of the school’s total energy needs, Gizmodo reports.Solar-Sunflower-James-Cameron Small
Years after switching to solar to power the sets of his movies, James Cameron has taken the next step and re-designed the solar panel. His version looks like a giant photovoltaic sunflower, and the first units were installed on the Malibu campus of the MUSE school (started by Cameron’s wife, Suzy Amis Cameron) last month.

Each of Cameron’s Sun Flowers is 28.5 feet wide and has 14 petals. Sonnen Systems provides the tracking system allowing the solar sunflower to move throughout the day following the optimal path of the sun’s energy.

Solar Flower PowurSolar-Sunflower smaller

We’re huge fan’s of James and his solar flower and it’s directly in-line with our vision of giving the world a ZERO out of pocket residential solar system and taking back the power from the dirty energy industry.

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