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How One Small Typo Landed Us Our Off Grid Land For Half Price

Imagine finding the perfect piece of remote off grid land.

Then… imagine finding out it’s been incorrectly marked for half the price of what it’s worth.

What a steal!

Our Off Grid Land

I hope to one day read in the comments below that you got a deal like we did on a piece of your own off the grid real estate.
Whether it’s buying land to build a house or buying land as an investment, it pays to shop around and find the best you land to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Here’s how we choose ours…

Why Choose Remote Off Grid Property

There’s something inexplicably amazing about wandering around and exploring your own piece of the planet. Especially knowing you’re about to put down roots and make it your own for generations to come.

Although we’ve been out to our property 20+ times so far we’ve actually seen maybe 5% of the total land we purchased.

3.5 acres doesn’t look like much on Google Earth but once you’re out there wandering through the deer trails, hopping over rabbit track and jumping across rivers… it get real big, real fast. And just as exciting!

Google Earth by the way is one of the on-line tools I used to investigate the property and get a true to life bird’s eye view of it all.

Google Earth Link

There is also Bing Maps  which has a function that’s actually called bird’s eye view.

Bing Maps

I’ll discuss some other on-line tools that can help you not only find the perfect piece of property, but also the best alignment to take advantage of the sun, should you decide to use solar power panels like we will. In fact, we’l even be running out zero down residential solar business right from the cabin! Find out more about it right here.

First, let me show you the property we purchased.


The Off Grid Land & Price Of A Lifetime

When a real-estate agent screws-up, it could be very costly for the buyer… or for the seller depending on the screw-up.

In our case… the hands of fate rolled the dice in our favor to the tune of a $20K savings!

There were multiple sections of property for sale surrounding our area as you will see in the photo’s below. And in fact, the first property we placed a bid on wasn’t the one we ended up purchasing. And boy were we lucky.

All of the surrounding properties that have water access are listed for $39,000 while the ones the did not were listed for $19,900.

Hmmmmm…. something seemed off with that.

Look closely and you’ll see the real-estate agent screwed up BIG TIME on the price point posting on-line and marked our 3.5 acre, waterfront access lot as $19,900.
The same as all the smaller lots that don’t have waterfront access and are along a main gravel road.



How We Choose Our Land

We jumped on it because of these very reasons…

  • the price… well… you know abou that
  • the size is perfect
  • water front access
  • plenty of tree for firewood
  • private road for easy access
  • ZERO neighbors
  • perfect alignment for the rooftop solar panels


The Lay Of The Land


Our little slice of heaven is located on the East coast of Canada. In fact its only 36Km (22 miles) from our “on the grid” house.

The drive to the cabin is roughly 30 minutes which for now, was one of the factors that was a MUST for us. It had to be close enough to home so that we could quickly drive to the cabin after work/school during the weekdays and especially Friday afternoons.

Our family is still considered “weekend off grider’s” until we have the cabin built, all the amenities in place and the solar system up and running.

We can hardly wait for that day and it can’t come soon enough.

From April 2015 to Aug 2015 I spent nearly every single weekday and weekend end at the property clearing the land, preparing the foundation, putting in the road, building the cabin itself and working on the landscape.

Another must was that we wanted to still be close to a place to get food, water, fuel, and building supplies/tools. We have a TimberMart a short 15 minute drive from the cabin.

While it might sound too close for comfort to some, the reality is when you’re out on the property the only thing you hear are the birds chirping, the lake water lapping and the breeze through the trees.


The Only 3 Things We Needed

1. Real-estate Website: We found our property using a website called ViewPoint which shows your position (using GPS) on your phone LIVE while walking the property. This was essential for finding the property stake pins. I cannot imagine doing this using a compass and a measuring tape. It was fast and easy to locate and mark all the property pins. It took us longer to get through the thick woods to the next pin than it did to find it. Best of all this website was free to use.


2. Trail Marker Tape: Once we found a property marker we marked it with a tall stick and some trail marker tape so it could be seen from a short distance.

3. Measuring Tape: We then simply walked in a straight line to the next property marker. We used an open reel 100ft measuring tape to measure the width of the property and find the center of our build site where we will eventually build the cabin. Also this helped us to mark out the corners of the cabin and mark them with poles and tape. Doing this allowed us to orient the cabin to the lake and find the exact distance of the build site from the water.


The other huge plus is privacy. There are only three other people that live anywhere near the lake. Best of all, they are at opposite ends of the lake from us. Plus, they too are “off-gridders”. 

The shape of the property may look strange but believe me when I say it is extremely ideal for our purposes.

All of this will be covered in up coming posts so make sure to bookmark the Building The Cabin section in your webrowser and come back often.


Location Location Location


We have decided to place the cabin approximately 70ft up from the waters edge.

Its far enough that we have the full view of the lake but back enough that the wind is drastically reduced by a thin line of trees.

Below is the view of the lake last fall when we were scouting out the area. 


Dark Pond Lake on The Property Nov 2014


Panoramic view of the lake in the winter.


She’s thinking “ICE FISHING!” I just know it.


This is the build site BEFORE we ever touched it. Fall 2015


I think she’s found her summer hide out.


Someone’s excited to build a tree cabin!


This is a section of the 80 foot wide portion of the waterfront we now own.


I bet the fishing is GREAT!


We just bought the property!



Time to take down that FOR SALE sign!

Who’s Ready To Build

So as you can tell, we’re all quite excited now that we officially own the property. Again there’s something truly riveting walking through a part of the planet that you now own and have the rights to.

We have very access to the build site through an over grown logging trail that was blazed down to the lake approx 20 years ago. This was during a period when the land was forested by Irving Lumber here in Nova Scotia.

We shopped around and found a few  local road builders who are pricing out the cost of putting in the 650ft gravel road we will need to access the build site with our vehicle. Until then it’s humping everything down to the build site by hand. In the future we will be purchasing an ATV in order to haul lumber, materials and tools down to the build site. We will also use the ATV for snow removal in the winter months. 

Be sure and check out the very beginning of the property build right here.


Your Turn…

I hope you’ve enjoyed the post today and I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments below.

The ONLY way we get our blog out to good people like you is by you sharing it with your social media so please go ahead and share this post if you haven’t already.

Let us know if you have Off Grid Land and tell us your story.

We’d love to hear it and so share it with all of our off grid cabin fans!

See you at the top!

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