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A Portable Woodstove that Heats up Tents, Yurts & Off Grid Cabins then Folds Up

You’ve seen camping stoves. You’ve seen wood-burners. Meet the Frontier Plus woodstove.

Campers and “off gridders” alike are all too familiar with drafty tents, unwanted creepy-crawlies, temperamental weather, chilly sleeping bags and all the fun that comes with “roughing it” in the great wide open. It takes a warm campfire to help remedy some of that.

Now you can bring the warmth of that toasty campfire into your tent, tipi, or tiny house. Take the chill off your bones, cook a meal and enjoy a roaring fire anytime, anywhere.

Take a look at this amazing folding wood-stove— completely portable and compact this easy-to-carry little heater can heat up any tent, hunting cabin, shed or even a van if need be. This is a kick-starter campaign concept but don’t worry because we have several similar options at the bottom of this post to choose from.

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The Frontier Plus from Anevay boasts a larger flue than most other small woodstoves and includes a glass front door.

  • Glass window on the door, with air-wash system to keep the glass clean
  • Secondary air intake to allow for complete control over draw and heat output
  • Adjustable legs so you can adjust the stove-top to your desired height
  • 4-inch flue, for optimum draw and ease of use.

Frontier Plus Portable Woodstove 2

Compact and easy-to-carry.

Frontier Plus Portable Woodstove 3

Everything stores inside the stove.

Frontier Plus Portable Woodstove 10

Sets up in only minutes.

Frontier Plus Portable Woodstove 4

Frontier Plus Portable Woodstove 6

Technical specs

Weight: 16.95kg

Height (legs extended): 2.78m

Height (legs shortened): 2. 7m

Footprint (legs extended)*: 83cm x 45cm

Footprint (legs shortened)*: 71.5cm x 35.5cm

Height of top plate from floor (legs extended): 48cm

Height of top plate from floor (legs shortened): 40cm

Material thickness: 2.5mm (top plate); 2mm (body)

Firebox: 47cm x 28cm x 23cm (length x width x depth/height).

Frontier Plus Portable Woodstove 8

5 flue sections + spark arrestor.

Frontier Plus Portable Woodstove 9

The Frontier woodstove is around $420 USD.

Here are a few other similar but lower priced wood stoves you might like.




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