Start-Up Cost Of Living Off The Grid [INFO-GRAPHIC]

Why go Off Grid in the First Place?

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Living off grid is a one of the most talked about topics on-line, off-line, urban and sub-urban! But why are people looking to go off grid in the first place? What’s the appeal?

Living off the grid simply means having a self-sustaining domicile that is independent of outside utilities. While “preppers” and survivalists may come to mind, for many, the goal of living off the grid is simply to live healthier and leave a smaller environmental footprint.

Living Off The Grid: It’s fast becoming one of the most sought after lifestyles on the planet.
People are looking for inexpensive ways to either…

  • Cut their monthly cost of their energy bill money
  • Add a solar system to their existing home
  • Reduce monthly energy consumption
  • Get off grid all together
  • Downsize their existing home


 It Begins (and ends) with Electricity

Living Off Grid Energy


What if You Don’t Want to go Completely Off Grid? 

Going off grid may not be an option for some people as some areas of the U.S. won’t allow you to disconnect from the grid. 
But if you still want to “stick it” to the grid, then there are some great options. Tesla Solar Roof

For example, we’re all sick and tired of having to pay the monthly energy bill that increases almost every year and will continue to, and we certainly can’t lock in our monthly energy costs for a decade or two. Now ask yourself this…

When was the last time the utility company actually paid you any money? 

The dirty centralized energy industry is a $6 trillion dollar/year industry. today, we’re finally taking back control of the energy industry through the installation of home solar systems. We now have options that include net metering and some people (like us) are even making a pretty decent living by simply sharing the option for people like you to go solar. If you’d like to know how much you can save every month with a zero down solar system for your home then simply pop your zip-code in here and we’ll connect you with the top rated and most accommodating installer in your area. We’re here to help you in every way possible. To learn how you can help others go solar and get paid for it like we are click here.


What about Water and Septic?

Living Off Grid Water

Independent Heat

Living Off Grid Heat

So What’s The True Start Up Cost?

Somewhere around $70K.

Check out the info-graphic below to see how we came up with that amount.

The True Startup Cost Of Living Off The Grid Infographic

We’re sharing this info-graphic from our friends at beforeitsnews

What can You do About it?

Easy… tell the electrical company who’s gouging you every month by hiking up your electricity bill year after year your’re giving them the old heave-ho!

We no longer need the utility company and their centralized power grid. The bottom line is that a new home goes solar every three minutes, can generate its own power, and even generate money when it produces excess energy. You can even sell the excess energy your system produces back to the same utility company that has been charging you all these years. Imagine that! And there’s even a couple options from there. Have a power credit applied to your next bill or simply get paid for the excess energy you produce (depending on your local regulations).

Now that’s telling them 😉

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