The Six Day Cabin

What would you give to spend one week with your closest friends to build the ultimate weekend getaway and create memories that will last a lifetime? This is the story of four friends who came together to build their dream which they dubbed “The Six Day Cabin”.

When I was young I build a “fort” with my friends Scott, Real, and Darryl. It certainly wasn’t anything to write home about but it was enough to keep the rain, wind and cold off our heads on long weekends fishing out near Ranger Lake in Norther Ontario near our home town of Elliot Lake.

Back then there was no digital cameras, let alone one that fits into your back pocket, to capture our cabin building adventure. However today things are thankfully much different. did recently came across an ambitious group of four friends who lived out the same cabin building adventure we did and were fortunate enough to photograph the entire build.

Today we’re thrilled to share their off grid cabin building journey with you.

The 6 day Cabin Build Team

This is the 6 day adventure of 4 friends who built a 200 sq ft cabin for 6k

The four twenty-something’s spent a total of six days in a tiny clearing situated in a beautiful stand of tall Douglas Firs just 40 minutes outside of Portland, Oregon. Each of them on their fall break and from scattered locations across the US (New York, Chicago, Raleigh) came together to build a place they could come together and enjoy for decades to come.

We wanted to use our hands for something other than tapping away at a keyboard or smartphone; to be directly responsible for building a place that we can enjoy together in the coming years; to use vacation for creation rather than escape; and, above all, to learn something new. ~ sixdaycabin

We hope you enjoy the photos, the time lapse video and find some inspiration in this amazing build. We certainly did!

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Click any of the photos below to see all the photos for that day.

The Six Day cabin Build Day 1
The Six Day Cabin Build Day 2
The Six Day Cabin Build Day 3
The Six Day Cabin Build Day 4
The Six Day Cabin Build Day 5
The Six Day Cabin Build Day 6

Our bodies are meant not just to be used, but to be tired out—and they’re better off when we oblige them; A lot can be accomplished in the absence of a computer; In building (as in anything) mistakes are inevitable, and most can be fixed; and people love to follow a good project. ~ sixdaycabin

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  3. Who would you build it with?
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