Tiny House Built With Just $420

Here’s a story dreaming BIG and building SMALL.


Have you ever dreamed of living in a tiny house? If so, you might be inspired by this amazing story of a couple who built their own tiny house for just $420!

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Tiny House Recycled 1

For most people their dream home is perhaps ten times this size. But for them… it’s just perfect.

Dream big sure, but live within your means and you’ll live free forever.

Meet Steve and Annette, the owners of The Off Grid Cabin, a 14 x 14 foot cabin that they built themselves on a piece of land in Nova Scotia, Canada. They wanted to create a simple and affordable living space that would allow them to enjoy nature and reduce their environmental impact.

They started by designing their tiny house using SketchUp, a free 3D modeling software. They then bought a used trailer for $600 and stripped it down to use as the foundation for their cabin. They also salvaged some materials from their friends and family, such as windows, doors, and wood.

They spent about a year working on their tiny house, mostly on weekends and holidays. They did everything themselves, from framing and roofing to plumbing and wiring. They also installed solar panels, a composting toilet, a propane stove, and a wood stove to make their cabin off-grid and self-sufficient.

Building the Tiny House

They asked for help only where they needed it during framing but for the most part worked on their own.

Tiny House Recycled 4

They rustled up as much material as they could from scrap piles and even the odd demolition site dumpster.

The total cost of their tiny house project was only $420, which is incredible considering the average cost of a tiny house is around $23,0001. They saved money by using recycled materials, doing the labor themselves, and choosing simple and functional features.


They are very happy with their tiny house, which they use as a vacation home and a rental property. They love the cozy and rustic feel of their cabin, as well as the stunning views of the lake and the forest. They also enjoy the freedom and flexibility of living in a tiny house, as they can move it to different locations if they want to.


Together with other Tiny House owners they live on a community which provides social communal spaces, bathrooms, and showers. In return for the use of the land rent free they simply give back by planting vegetable gardens, taking care of the land and helping further develop its community.

I feel that most scenarios like this will start to happen where owners of unused land invite people to live on their property to develop a community and do something great with the land. – Liam

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