FREE Must Have Survival Tools

Choose 1, 2, 3 or… choose them all! 

Here at The Off Grid Cabin we’re pretty excited to have partnered with some truly amazing companies that are offering our readers some cool FREE survival tools..

These are great to keep in the top drawer at the cabin, in your glove-box, or even in your pocket on a walk.

You can get one or all of these survival tools right now. But don’t wait too long as we have a limited supply and they go fast every time we get a new shipment in. Just cover the shipping and we’ll pay for the tool! 

Never Get Caught Without These FREE Survival Tools in Your Arsenal


Our #1 MUST HAVE “on you at all times” Firekable survival tool.

FireKable Details
Survival Business Card

The Origional Survival Business Card is a must have!

Survival Business Card Details
The HyBeam Tactical Flashlight

This HyBeam Flashlight is a limited run!

HyBeam Tactical Flashlight Details
The EDT Tool

An EDT Tool with Something Special.

The EDT Tool Details
Evac 3 Survival Tool

The One and Only… Evac 3 Survival Tool

Evac 3 Survival Tool Details
The EverStryke Match

An EverStryke Match can easily be the key to surviving and thriving.

The EverStryke Match Details

The Survival MD Guide: An In Depth Review + Special Bonus!

The bottom line is that NONE of these even matter unless you have this ONE THING…

How critical do you think food, water and shelter is?

The Survival MD Guide: An In Depth Review + Special Bonus

Here’s what a couple of our readers had to say…

Interesting site! Lots of info. I got the EDT tool and the FireKable for my son. I’m also going to get some as camping gifts for my daughters Pathfinders Troop! These are all very nice and everything will be quite useful on our homestead! It got here quickly. All in all I am pleased.

Mary Warner, Homesteading Mom

I have been looking on the internet for a survival tools for our climbing pack. I found your site and got all six! When they arrived we carefully looked through all of the items. I’m really amazed at the quality of everything. The mini EDT tool is my favorite of the bunch and is perfect clipped onto my belt. Thank you very much!

Kieth Talas, Professional Climber

I have been thinking about adding some more handy survival supplies to our cottage kit. I came across your free tools and found what I was looking for. I also saw your Survival MD Guide and got that too. I have to say that guide… is incredible. Thank you guys!!

John Murrin, Survival Expert

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