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Small Floor Plan: Huge Comfort

Are you looking for the perfect floor plan for your cabin, cottage or tiny home?

If you’re short on space but still want a floor plan with room to move with a layout that’s actually functional and comfortable take a look at our 20ft X 24ft cabin floor plan.

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OK, who’s heard this one...Measure Twice Cut Once

Measure twice, cut once!

We all have I hope.

It can be a tough and very expensive lesson learned if you don’t follow it. Hence the reason we’ve taken months to plan out our off grid cabin floor plans, tweak it, re-plan it, tweak it again until we found out what best suits our needs and our budget.

You should too.

Every project I had the privilege to work with my father on growing up I must have heard him say that a thousands times.


And for good reason.

It’s a lack of planning and forethought that gets most people in over their heads, way over budget, with inferior results, injured or worse… dead.

There’s NO “cutting corners” (pardon the pun) on this project and if you see me, or anyone in any of our videos or photos doing something you think isn’t safe, I strongly urge you to pipe up and make a comment. Someone will see it and we’ll let you know if you’ve won a prize… or if you’re just the boob of the day LOL.

Seriously though, I implore you to always help us keep this project alive and us with it.
And yes… those of you who comment on our posts WILL be rewarded 😉  More to come later!

DISCLAIMER: I’m no building expert, nor an electrician, plumber, blacksmith or carpenter. I’m a helicopter pilot… and what you’ll see is a man JUST LIKE YOU building an off the grid cabin.

The Planning

Building an of the grid cabin leaves little room to spare for errors in measurement, material, cost analysis and most of all… PLANNING!

The word of the day today is PLANNING folks.


You can’t build anything strong on a weak foundation.

When we first tossed the idea back and forth about building the cabin I went straight to the ultimate source of all information. The internet!

WARNING: There are thousands of people living off the grid and offering up information on-line on how to do it. Remember that when it comes to off the grid… it’s more like “how THEY do it.”

There is NO ACTUAL textbook on living a subsistence lifestyle and listen to me when I say… from the research I’ve seen there are some really sketchy structures out there and advice they’ve been built on.

Here’s a couple of the books we recommend when looking to choose your cabin floor plan.

Our intention is to build this cabin 100% to CODE

No matter the cost, or the tools required, or the time it takes to build we will not be building a tree fort, a hunter’s cabin or a shack.

This will be a small home fueled by, solar, gravity, rain and a whole lot of ingenuity.

After an exhausting search on-line for weeks we finally came up with a list of requirements for the cabin floor plans…

  • Year round usability
  • Hot & cold running water
  • Waterless toilet (no septic field required)
  • Separate master bedroom (possibly with a closet)
  • Open loft with retractable stairs
  • Cathedral ceiling in the living room
  • Full bathroom with standard size shower
  • Large front deck
  • Plenty of windows
  • Full kitchen with double sink and standard cupboards
  • Standard size fridge

Might seem like an impossible to get all that into a relatively small 20 ft X 24 ft cabin but… with the help of my Dad, and his measuring twice cut once principals… we were able to get the floor plans roughed out and it looks something like this…

Click the images in order to open them in a new window and full size.


My Father and I are both one’s to go that extra mile beyond “just planing on paper” and we built a scale model of the cabin. This helps reference were we want things to go inside the cabin such as the kitchen cabinets, shower stall, water-less toilet, bed, stove… etc.

This isn’t something you have to do by any means but when we cover the roof layout in an up coming post you’ll better understand why creating this model really helped us.

Home-made Cabin Mock-up

Our cabin mock-up was constructed of simple corrugated plastic from a couple sale signs we picked up at the local dollar store. You can use cardboard, Bristol board, Legos… etc.

Remember we’re looking to save money at each phase of the build. Not because we want to built cheaply. In fact, we’re putting in so many extras you won’t believe it. if we’re going to live here then we may as well be comfortable. Plus, every penny saved allows us to get one or two extra special build tools that we’ll cover in the future. Without these tools we would not have been able to build the cabin in just two weeks or with just two people.


The Final”ish” Floor Plan

I am pleased to say that we have finally decided on the floor plan as well as the roof design (coming up in a future post) as well as the layout for all the facilities such as shower, sinks, doors, and heating unit… etc.

Floor Plan Tip: I found this handy free app for the iPad called Roomle.

Its been indispensable in drafting up multiple versions of the cabin floor plans, making changes and seeing how it all comes together. Best of all it allows you to fully furnish your floor plan, take a virtual “3D” stroll around the inside, and get a birds eye view from above letting you view your floor plan from all angles.

You can check out the website for Roomle by clicking here and you can download it for your tablet it on iTunes by  clicking here.


 Here are our floor plan results from using the app… 



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So let us know what you think of the cabin floor plan in the comments below.

And let me cut you right off there and add this disclaimer… no I am NOT putting that hideous carpet in that digitally rendered cabin!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our cabin floor plan post and if you liked that they you’ll want to head straight to out Cabin Build Section to see every phase of the cabin build.

You can also check out our FEATURED POSTS

We’ll see you at the top!

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The Off Grid Cabin Design Floor Plans

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About the Author:

After being physically and mentally disabled by cancer a highly decorated Air force helicopter pilot overcame the odds to regain his health and began an off grid odyssey that has helped change the lives of thousands. During his recovery he launched The Off Grid Cabin and today over 1 million people have seen his posts and read his blog every month. Read Steve’s inspirational comeback story here.


  1. George May 18, 2017 at 2:49 pm - Reply

    I signed up for the Newsletter and look forward to it as a source of inspiration as I begin my own journey toward a Grid-less Cabin up near the Canadian Border. I look forward to seeing and maybe even incorporating some of the complete floor plans, materials list, cost list and build instructions noted above as available (as soon as I can find them 😉 ).

    Great site, great story, great inspiration.

    • theoffgridcabin June 13, 2017 at 11:54 am - Reply

      So glad to hear your along for the journey George! As you may have read on my about page, I’m undergoing cancer treatments but I do try my very best to keep the information flowing as often as I possibly can. I’ve also recently been medical released from the military after 24 years an adapting to this new “lifestyle”, being back in school full time (at home) and trying my best to raise my little girl are all high on the priorities list.

      Thank you again for signing up to my newsletter! We just finished installing the solar system and so there is LOTS to get caught up with my posting.



  2. Elisabeth Little July 24, 2017 at 5:39 pm - Reply

    Well my husband and I have been dreaming of off grid living for a while now. So we have bought some land, sold most of our belongings, and are ready to begin. As of today, we are living in a trailer while we build. Our lot is just about cleared and our well is going in this week. We are planning on building a 20 by 24ft cabin completely off grid. Any help would be very much appreciated. I enjoyed reading the blogs here. I found a lot of useful information. Keep up the great work!
    Thank you

    • theoffgridcabin August 31, 2017 at 4:47 pm - Reply

      Elisabeth, that is fantastic to hear you too are building your own of grid cabin! Please send us some photos during and after your build and feel free to ask us any questions you like! Our doors are always open 🙂



  3. Karolina August 26, 2017 at 2:11 pm - Reply


    where’s the stove in this house?

    • theoffgridcabin August 31, 2017 at 4:45 pm - Reply

      Hey there Karolina,

      The wood-stove is pictured in the living room in the front corner of the cabin. You can see the exact location in the floor plan photos we made using the Roomle app near the bottom of the post.

  4. Tony Tweel January 28, 2018 at 6:11 pm - Reply

    I’ve bought my land, and debating on a cement pad for the building? So I don’t have stairs, thinking for the future when I’m older, plus waiting on a new hip? Will the way you built it on posts be warm enough? What about critters getting in, I guess skirting will keep them out, what about a washer dryer? Guess not or just by hand, some things I’ll have to get use to, smart TV? Great blog, can’t wait to get started . Thanks again, and hope your doing well.

    • theoffgridcabin February 3, 2018 at 5:14 pm - Reply

      Hey there Tony!

      We’ve been fortunate to never have any troubles with critters under our cabin. One of the perks of living in Nova Scotia I perhaps? There really isn’t anywhere for them to crawl into as our our cabin is build on pads/posts. I could see it being more of a problem with a cabin that has exterior walls coming down to ground level that aren’t built properly or with the wrong material(s).

      Our floor is exceptionally warm. It’s built with layer of OSB over the floor joist, then a layer of 1 inch thick pink rigid insulating foam (which acts as a thermal break), another layer of OSB, then 6 mil Poly, and finally a laminate wood floor that has additional insulation padding underneath.

      Our Magnum solar inverter is good for 4000 watts and has a 240V output. Enough to power pretty much anything, including a washer. in fact, did you know that even Costco now has an off grid appliance section.

      Thanks for dropping us a line Tony. When you do get started on your build please keep us in mind and share your build with us. If we can help in any way let us know!



  5. Jessica March 27, 2018 at 5:45 pm - Reply

    Hi, I was wondering where can I get the plans and material list for this cabin! Is their an email or somewhere on the web page ? Thank you.

    • theoffgridcabin June 18, 2018 at 9:56 am - Reply

      Jessica, we’ve designed everything ourselves from scratch using pen & paper, a dry erase board and by building a small scale model. We are currently writing up our complete materials list, as well as the exact cost of each component, and I’ll be making it download able for every one as soon as it’s done. As well, I will be sending it out personally to all our subscribers in an upcoming email 🙂

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