Off Grid Handmade House Truck

Would you believe this beautiful off grid tiny house truck is made up of 85% recycled materials and its built out of a 1969 Bedford truck.

Below is a short film by Happy Films in which Adam and Sian walk you through their creative off grid tiny home.

The basis for their tiny home stems from an old 1969 Bedford truck once used for furniture removals.


The kitchen cabinets are comprised of recycled wine crates. Even the hardwood floor is made from scrap end cuts. Left over “waste” from a wood mill. A tall cypress tree fell nearby and Adam reclaimed it to build their counter tops.

The Off Grid Handmade-House-Truck-Kitchen

A friend had a surplus of old tin cladding that was sitting dormant in a compound. Any wooden boards you see were from old fencing collected over the period of a year before putting it to good use.

The Off Grid Handmade-House-Truck-Interior 2

Their home, just like ours, is 100% off the grid. Power comes from four solar panels and a six battery bank. More than enough to power a 12-volt DC fridge, lights and water pump. We’re huge fans of solar power as you may already know!

The Off Grid Handmade-House-Truck-Solar-System

A well placed power meter allows them to closely monitor their energy usage. A great idea for any solar home/cabin/truck. Adam and Sian’s off grid house truck is parked on a picturesque farm. The view is perfect and the privacy welcome. Especially with an outdoor shower!

The Off Grid Handmade-House-Truck-Shower-on-Porch

The Off Grid Handmade-House-Truck-Shower-Head

The Off Grid Handmade House Truck Hidden Shower Pan

The Off Grid Handmade House Truck at Sunset

The Off Grid Handmade-House-Truck-Living-Room

The Off Grid Handmade-House-Truck-Interior

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If you’re thinking of building a tiny natural home in Australia – and looking for someone to talk to – Adam is available for consulting. He’s been a builder for 10 years, first in the UK and now in Australia. To learn more visit their website at Evergreen Homes.

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